Advanced Agile Training Agenda

Course description:

This one-day training is for those teams that have been previously trained on Scrum and Agile best practices and have been practicing Agile for at least 6 months. The course will use both a lecture and exercise-based format to promote an interactive dialogue about the current state of Agile maturity and help craft a plan for improvement. 

Course Objectives:

  1. Review key Agile and Scrum foundational concepts to generate discussion around the organization’s application of best practices.
  2. Reflect on the current state of the organization’s Agile maturity in regards to Agile processes, and team development.
  3. Identify opportunities for continuous improvement.

Course description:


Team Building Exercise

Agile Maturity Assessment Review – Where are we now?

Scrum Roles Best Practices       

·       Scrum Master

·       Product Owner

·       Team

Team Development Exercise – What level are your teams at? What will it take to get to performing?

Best Practices for Scrum Events

·       Sprint Planning

·       Daily Scrum

·       Sprints

·       Backlog Grooming

·       Retrospectives

·       Sprint Reviews

Scrum Events Exercise – What improvements to Scrum Events could you apply in the next Sprint?

Agile Planning Review and Best Practices

·       Roadmaps

·       Release Planning/ Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

·       The Product Backlog

Participants receive a course workbook that covers the details of each topic to assist during the course and serve as a tool for future reference and taking action when returning to the workplace.